New Instagram Features to boost your engagement!

More followers, increased engagement and more revenue! These new Instagram features provide you with the right opportunity to achieve your business goals by using Instagram as an effective marketing tool. This ain’t that bad for a photo sharing app which has grown to become a social network with more than 700 million users in merely seven years. [...]

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5 Facebook Hacks That You Need To Know!

Are you harnessing the power of 18.6 billion active Facebook users every month? Underestimating the power of such a massive audience is a silly, yet, a highly relatable mistake that most companies make. We understand that Facebook can be complex and so we’ve have put together 5 Foxy clever strategies that you can implement on [...]

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How to use Remarketing as an effective advertising strategy?

Remarketing Done Right!   Have you ever noticed that you keep getting the ads of certain websites even weeks after you visited them? That is called Remarketing! Let’s take a journey on understanding Remarketing as an effective advertising strategy. Did you know, according to Google experts, only 2-4% of website visits result in a transaction? [...]

Why Quaintrelle?

Quaintrelle - A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life's pleasures. What's trending ? These two words define our lives in today's world of social media. Everyone wants to do what everyone else is doing because that is the cool thing to do. I [...]